novembro 05, 2010

Psychological Research

Volume 1 / 1922 - Volume 74 / 2010

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Predicting and manipulating the incidence of inattentional blindness
Anne Richards, Emily M. Hannon and Nazanin Derakshan

Re-examining the contribution of visuospatial working memory to inhibition of return
Ana B. Vivas, Ioanna Liaromati, Elvira Masoura and Katerina Chatzikallia

Inhibitory interaction: the effects of multiple non-predictive visual cues
Troy A. W. Visser and Daniel Barnes

Route and survey processing of topographical memory during navigation
Luca Latini-Corazzini, Marie Pascale Nesa, Mathieu Ceccaldi, Eric Guedj and Catherine Thinus-Blanc, et al.

Encoding of variability of landmark-based spatial information
Bradley R. Sturz and Kent D. Bodily

Task conflict effect in task switching
Ami Braverman and Nachshon Meiran

Keeping an eye on the violinist: motor experts show superior timing consistency in a visual perception task
Clemens Wöllner and Rouwen Cañal-Bruland

Conscious thought beats deliberation without attention in diagnostic decision-making: at least when you are an expert
Sílvia Mamede, Henk G. Schmidt, Remy M. J. P. Rikers, Eugene J. F. M. Custers and Ted A. W. Splinter, et al.

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